Europe's largest country with vastly diverse natural locations and climatic zones. From the snowy peaks of the Carpathians to the sultry savannah-like steppes. From foggy mixed forests in the North to the Black Sea shores in the South. From modern highly populated urban agglomerations to the corners of literally virgin nature where no human has ever stepped foot.

  • Locations and landmarks include mountains, deserts, rivers, seaside, steppe, forests, canyons and virtually any natural environment you can envision.

  • The average cost of the working hour per person is 54,6 UAH - roughly $2.00, which makes Ukraine one of the most attractive outsourcing allocations in the world. Shooting in here allows creating top-quality video content within more than reasonable budgets.

  • Over 60 notable castles and fortresses of various architectural styles: Ancient Greek, Kyiv Rus’, Byzantine, Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian, Tatar, Teutonic and many more. All these marvelous ancient constructions are perfect for filming history-themed content.

  • Numerous industrial locations including factories, pavilions, hangars and testing grounds contribute for embodiment of stunning sci-fi plots and marvelous crowd scenes.

  • The famous Chernobyl zone and the "Dead City" of Pripyat’ are the perfect location for shooting noire, horror and post-apocalyptic scenes.

Routes to Ukraine

Kyiv is within a 2 - 3-hour direct flight from any European capital. Other Ukraine’s international flight gates include Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro and Kharkiv. Lviv is a 12-hour ride from Germany, and Odessa can be easily reached from Turkey, Caucasus, Middle East, the Balkans or any Southern European country within a day.

No visa is required for U.S. and EU citizens for unlimited permanent stay. Despite being the largest country in Europe, it is possible to reach point B from any point A within the country in 24 hours by land transport.

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