Why Shoot in Poland?

Poland offers a wealth of solutions for international clients seeking a cost effective solution in Europe but without sacricing the quality. Surprising and diverse locations both urban and more remote which are easily adaptable for the international market marks the foundation of this production hub. This coupled with affordable experienced crews, diverse talent, the availability of large stages for set builds and a production friendly capital city being of course Warsaw makes Poland a fantastic solve for all types of international productions.


    Competitive budgets with low location fees, exible crew and cost effective talent solutions.


    A wide ranging talent pool which offers a more diverse ethnic variety than most of Central-Eastern Europe countries. Competitive talent rates and affordable buyouts. Minors permits are not required.

  • CREW

    Polish crews are experienced in the international sector and offer competitive rates and package deals for many key crew for high prole crews.


    A great mix of arquitectural styles with many contrasts. You can find buildings almost from every era. All type of locations within a 4hs drive. Modern city streets with skyscrapers, sandy beaches, amazing landscapes, forests, lakes, highways, modern villas, castles, picturesque villages, socialist realism buildings, Poland has it all!


    All type of equipment available locally. Panavision based in Warsaw. Russian arm easily brought from Germany or Hungary.

Routes to Poland

An exciting new venture bringing together two of the world's leading service production companies...

...to offer up a dynamic new production partner in Eastern Europe's most cosmopolitan production hub, POLAND.
Years of friendly competition are now consolidated in a joint embarkment which aims to provide excellence in production facilities in a vibrant and cosmopolitan territory which offers high end production value at a cost-effective price. Seasoned producers from both companies will be based in Warsaw itself supported by experienced, full-time local knowledge in order to deliver the level of professionalism for which both companies are known.

The combination of a vast variety of locations, a wide range of locally available equipment, diverse talent and competitive crew rates makes Poland a very attractive destination for shooting commercials.

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