One of the world’s oldest nations with more than 3 000 years’ history. Surrounded by the monumental and picturesque Caucasian mountains, and washed by a 300-mile Black Sea shoreline, Georgia is the home of living history, breathing in every corner. Famous for its fine wines, delicious national food, hospitality and festive celebrations, this country will make you fall in love with itself, from the first sight and forever after.

  • Over 50% of urban population speaks fluent English, and in those younger than 30, the figure is roughly 75%. This is due to the fact that English is being taught in schools as an obligatory second language.

  • Historical locations and landmarks from the period of circa 3,000 BC to present day. Over 100 ancient and medieval cities, castles and fortresses are located on the area of only 26.9 thousand sq. mi.

  • In the recent years, Georgia has finalized a series of hi-tech glasswork architectural projects, the most notable being the Bridge of Peace, the Public Service Hall and the recently finished Rike Park Complex, resembling a giant glass periscope. These astonishing landmarks are brilliant for shooting sci-fi and futuristic video content.

  • The Caucasian mountains provide easy access to wondrous mountain views and landscapes. No tiring and expensive helicopter rides needed to get to the most remote and outstanding locations, since the road infrastructure has made all of them comfortably reachable by land transport.

  • Seaside locations in Batumi, Poti and Kobuleti offer a great range of sets for filming beautiful beach and marine scenes.

Routes to Georgia

As the Associated Member of the EU, Georgia does not require stay or permanent residence permissions for the EU and U.S. citizens. A non-Georgian is able to register and start a business in the country within 3 working days, due to recent institutional reforms. Direct flights to Tbilisi are available from major European and Asian capitals, and from the CIS countries and Middle East you can get there in 2-3 hours.

Tbilisi has been acknowledged the 3rd safest city in the world for both men and women after Reykjavík (Iceland) and Oakland (New Zealand). Rides around the city are offered by almost every passing driver on the street, for tips starting as low as 2 GEL ($0.85).

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