Who we are

Radioaktive Film is a production service company based in Kyiv, Ukraine, but has grown to markets in Poland, Georgia, Lithuania and Canada. Since our founding in 1998 by American partners, we have hosted a broad range of clients from around the world, shooting feature films, tv shows, tv commercials, documentaries, virals, and photos.


We’ve worked on every kind of project. We’re in this to serve our clients, not to win awards or facebook likes. So, if a client needs to film 2 people sitting in a room on a camera phone, that’s what we’ll do. On the other hand, we’ve got a thing for big scenes. Radioaktive has the resources and the experience to bring together a cast of thousands. We’ve shut down train stations, blocked off bridges, even built an entire building just to blow it up in the first shot.

We understand that epic filmmaking requires discipline, organization and forethought, and our years of collective experience have instilled in our team an instinctual attention to detail. We’ve also worked with a number of epic directors, so we know what it takes to keep up with talented genius.

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247xRadioaktive Film Poland - Warsaw - darko@radioaktivefilm.com
247xRadioaktive Film Lithuania - Vilnius - kate@radioaktivefilm.com
Radioaktivefilm Canada - Toronto - bevka@radioaktivefilm.com
Radioaktive x Shelter Georgia - Tbilisi - albert@rsh.film

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